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Free WiFi Hotspot Share
Free WiFi Hotspot Share


See What Users Say About Our Free WiFi Hotspot Share Software

The following is a list of quotes by our customers that we feel shows our pride in how we do business.


I use Free WiFi Hotspot Share to...

...really work!

"I want to say Free WiFi Hotspot Share really works and helps a lot. My roommate Daniel downloaded it to his laptop. And I just got access to the network with the name and password he told me. What a surprising piece of software!"
- Sohn Patton,


...make us 4 surf at the same time.

"We totally have 4 notebooks in our dormitory, but there is only one wire. We didn't want to spend money buying a router and decided to ask internet for help. We found your product and it really made all of us 4 surf at the same time."
- Emily Brad,


...act as a virtual router.

"It really acts as a virtual router. What I need to do is search the WiFi name my friend set and input the correct passwords. Wherever we go, it always works fine. Marvelous portable WiFi software."
- Dennehy Bob,


...allow me to surf with my smart phone.

"Fabulous! I was amazed at Free WiFi Hotspot Share's function to support any WiFi Devices, which allows me to surf the net with my smart phone through the hotspot created on my classmate's laptop."
- Ian Julius,


...display detailed network info.

"When I click the "Info" button I can get detailed network info in a clean display window. Convenient for some my test."
- Tony Arnett,


...share net with anyone.

"It allows sharing net with anyone with self-defined login."
- Marco Collins,


...reduce my data allowance. 

"I said goodbye to my strict limited data plan after I discovered your WiFi software. I don't know how much more I will benefit from it."
- Andrea Steinfeld,


...share all internet connections.

"Ideal tool to share my internet connections with my friends, families and roommates. And I believe it also works for you."
- Lindsey Keller, with my business. 

"Once one of my guests asked me if there's WiFi in the restaurant we stayed, I had no other choice but to give the answer "No" until one time my niece recommended me Free WiFi Hotspot Share. It really brings unexpected experience and thanks so much. No trouble to find a room with WiFi now."
- Jack Collins, of a button. 

"A click of a button is all I need to share my connections without wires."
- Andrew Lasseter,

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