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Free WiFi Hotspot Share
Free WiFi Hotspot Share

Get Detailed Internet Connection Info

Not only does this WiFi software enable you to share internet connection but also it will display detailed network information as long as you slightly click on the "Info" button. All the info will be presented in a window where you can clearly know the hosted network settings like hotspot name, the password, max number of clients connected, hosted network status, Windows IP configuration and other data of all listed network connections.


Step 1. Choose Network Connection

Click "Share from" to choose the network connection from internet connections like DSL, Cable, Bluetooth, Mobile Broadband Card, Dial-Up, etc.

Choose Network Connection

Step 2. Get Detailed Connection Info

Once you choose the connection, click "Info" and you'll get detailed Internet connection information displayed below like hosted network settings/status, Windows IP Configuration, Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection, Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection, etc. Then, you can use your device scan the hotspot and connect the Internet wirelessly.

Get Detailed Connection Info

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Free WiFi Hotspot Share